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Rural development is the key to India 's economic transformation as a majority of its population lives in the rural areas

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Capacity Building

SIRD-TN offers training programmes in several thrust areas of rural development and decentralized governance for the elected representatives of PRIs, functionaries of rural development and sectoral (line) departments, NGOs, bankers and rural micro credit institutions. The institute provides intensive training in face to face mode, using contemporary methodologies and technologies to suit different programme requirements. The form, content and delivery mechanisms of the programmes are developed with the assistance of panel of experts in the field. A right mixture of presentations, panel discussions, demonstrations, lectures, case-studies, role-playing, experience sharing, brain storming and field exposures is effectively used in the training process with emphasis on participatory and interactive learning components.

Ministry of Rural Development (MoRD) and Ministry of Panchayat Raj (MoPR), Government of India have suggested that SIRDs organize training programmes on specific topics. These programmes are incorporated in the training calendar. Rural Development and Panchayat Raj Department, Government of Tamil Nadu has initiated many efforts for the training of functionaries on the state sponsored and special schemes and these training programmes are given priority in the training activity of SIRD. A few significant titles of training programmes are listed below:

•  Foundation Course for Block Development Officers

•  ToT for SIRD and RIRD faculties

•  Workshop on Member of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme

•  Course on Managerial Skills

•  Course on National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme-TN

•  Course on Computer Applications in Rural Development and PR

•  Course on Implementation of Rural Development Programmes

•  Course on Rural Development Schemes and Guidelines for PRIs

•  Course on Financial Management and Audit in PRIs

•  ToT on SGSY

•  Course on Leadership and Organizational Development

•  Course on Panchayat Raj Finances

•  Course on Management of Micro Credit and Micro Enterprises in SGSY

•  Course on Marketing Management of Micro enterprises in SGSY

•  Course on Rural Engineering


The research conducted by this Institute is field-based in character. It becomes an important ingredient in policy formulations relating to rural development. SIRD undertakes research studies of impact assessment of Rural Development Schemes. On the basis of their specializations, the individual faculty members contribute to the research. The research proposals of the Institute have been examined and funded by NIRD. A few titles of research projects completed are listed below.

  • Action Research Project on Integrated Approach for Village Development
  • Entrepreneurship, Employment and Efficiency of Micro Enterprises with special reference to SGSY
  • Role of NGOs in Social Mobilization


The vast expertise available in the field of rural development at the Institute has been tapped by several agencies, regional, national and international for conducting consultancy activities. Consultancy activities were collaborated with the following agencies / institutions in the field of capacity building/research:

  • DANIDA Water and Sanitation Project
  • M.S. Swaminathan Foundation
  • UNICEF Sanitation Project
  • UNDP
  • DoPT,GoI
  • Tamil Nadu Empowerment and Poverty Reduction Project funded by the World Bank
  • DHAN Foundation
  • Gandhigram Rural University
  • Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Govt. of India
  • National Institute of Rural Development
  • Ministry of Food Processing, Govt. of India
  • Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Govt. of India
  • State Planning Commission, Tamil Nadu

Information Dissemination

The Institute continued to take the lead in the country in publishing Rural Development Literature. Some of the important publications of the Institute are:


  • Compendium of Amendment to Act & Rules and Government Orders – English
  • Compendium of Amendment to Act & Rules and Government Orders – English (Supplement )
  • Compendium of Amendment to Act & Rules and Government Orders – Tamil
  • Compendium of Amendment to Act & Rules and Government Orders – Tamil (Supplement )
  • Hand Book for Village Panchayat on Panchayat Raj and Rural Development
  • Hand Book for Block Panchayat on Panchayat Raj and Rural Development
  • Hand Book for District Panchayat on Panchayat Raj and Rural Development
  • Right to Information Act
  • National Rural Employment Guarantee Act and Scheme – TN


  • Address Book – Directory of elected representatives of PRIs of Tamil Nadu

Posters and Calendar

  • Posters on NREGS – TN
  • Posters on AGAMT















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